Blood Debt
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Blood Debt

Humans could be self-absorbed creatures.

Perhaps it was ignorance, hubris, or just the long-term effects of being the sole apex predator for millennia but they foolishly believed themselves to be the endpoint of evolution.

The world was rocked by the appearance of Loki and the Chitauri. It was proof that humans were not alone in the universe –that they had never been alone.

There were beings out there more powerful and more ancient than the Earth itself.

However, there was some comfort in believing that those things were far away and that humans were somehow protected from them.

The meager comfort was ripped away from them when Gideon Malick uttered a simple phrase

A dense cloud of terrigen mist rolled over the entirety of Manhattan after a jet exploded over the Hudson River.

There were reports that the mist made it as far as the outer edges of Brooklyn and Queens. Mass panic quickly gripped New York City and all of its boroughs.

Initially, the authorities believed that it was a terrorist attack using some sort of chemical agent.

Although, perhaps that theory wasn’t entirely untrue, Hydra’s plan was to incite fear in all humans not just the citizens of New York City.

The government instantly went on high alert out of fear that Hydra was planning a similar attack on other major American cities.

Cities such as Los Angeles, Chicago, Houston, and Philadelphia became no-fly zones for commercial and private aircrafts until further notice.

However, their actions weren’t fast enough to prevent the explosion in Washington, D.C. over the Potomac that occurred minutes after the one in New York.

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