Blood Chains
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Blood Chains

The rainfall was exceptionally heavy for this time of the year, almost ominously so.

It hammered the recently renovated roof of the porch so clamorously that it took Soos a good while to distinguish the hasty, repeating knocks on the Mystery Shack’s front door.

As he hurried to answer, wondering who it could be at such a late hour, he could hear a grumpy shout familiar enough to make his heart skip in joy:

“Soos, open up, dammit! This damn drencher is washing the features off my face!”

“Dudes!” Soos chirped happily at the sight of the two completely soaked twin brothers.

“The door was open, you could’ve just walked in - it’s still your house, after all!

Melody is out of town visiting her parents so there’s plenty of space for you to sleep over here, there’s a broken window in the guesthouse I need to fix… Haha, listen to me rambling,

it’s so wonderful to see you two! Come on, come on, step right in!”

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