Blood & Water
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Blood & Water

It is a well known truth of reality that there are differences among us.

Most people believe that our differences are what makes us human.

That's a nice sentiment, and it would be true if all of us actually were human.

Walter O'Brien found out when he was young that he was not quite as human as he had hoped. He was considered superhuman to some and subhuman to others.

Walter O'Brien is a vampire with an IQ of 197 and practically no emotions.

Startled at first by his changing nature, he turned to science and searched for answers.

Science led him to believe that he was allergic to garlic and that his low body temperature and low heart rate were just differences that made him human, simply an outlier on a graph of data.

Then he got his first taste of blood and he knew deep inside that he was not an outlier, he didn't even belong in the same test group.

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