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Blonde's doom

"Hayley still hates us, doesn’t she?" asked Patrick when he opened his locker. You don’t need a special gift to know that Hayley can be behind those kinds of things.

"Uh, yes, why?"

'Fat Ass' said in a little paper, written in Hayley’s handwriting, and her favorite pen. That was also known fact, no super powers needed to know it.

"It wasn’t a good idea accusing a big pranker." admitted Pete.

"Well, she was main suspect for being a big pranker, besides, her friend

the guy…" replied Joe taking the paper from Patrick’s hand.

"Hello, dumb, have you already found my little love note?" Red Hair arrived with her other friend Jeremy Davis.

"Yes, but you could’ve been a little more eloquent, Williams" answered Joe sarcastically.

"You’re not crying about it, are you? It’s just a little joke."

"Don’t worry, you won’t be person of interest ever again."

"Glad to hear that, Joe. See you."

"Why do you chat so calmly with her? She’s mean" complained Patrick.

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