Blind Trust
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Blind Trust

Derek hated his life. He hated that his family had to move from New York to California. He hated the tiny town that seemed too happy and nosey for its own good.

He hated how people whispered behind their hands. He hated being the new kid at school.

He hated it, but it was better. Here no one asked him if Miss Blake's child was his.

Here the parents didn’t give him a look of pity and the kids his own age didn’t ask how to bag a teacher that hot.

Never mind that he had never slept with her. They had kissed a few times and the last time the police had literally caught her with her hand down his pants.

Sure, he had wanted to go further, but she always told him she wasn't ready yet.

Derek didn't know that she was engaged; or that the jealous girlfriend would try to burn his house down once Miss Blake was in jail.

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