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Blind Magic

There was the sound of the train outside again.

Head barely rose as the sound rattled the window slightly and hand carefully moved out to herd the little bits of silver and her tools trying to escape, “Ah, no you stay there.

You are going to be a beautiful pair of earrings for a very special person today. Someone is going to get lucky today. I am sure of it.

” She was carefully winding and twisting the metal into twirled little bars for the tiniest cage.

The cage was an open bloom like a flower and she gently dropped a polished sphere that was barely as big as her nail into its nesting and started to close the sapphire stone up into the

little cage. Twisting the metal off, she added a tiny ring and hung a metal heart-shaped charm onto it.

Excellent! A bright smile shone in glee on a soot covered face as she pushed her goggles off of her head. Then she moved the large magnifying glass out of the way.

She carefully unfastened the earring from the clamp and picked up the other one off of the velvet nest to her side, she beamed, “Look at you little pretties.

I bet you will make a girl look lovely today. I better give you to Ralene.”

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