Blind Leap
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Blind Leap

Tobias heard Maureen laughed along with his children. She had been a godsend. They had met her a few weeks ago and she gelled well with them.

He had hired her as a nanny, much to his children's disgust. That was until they met her. After that it was kismet.

Holly loved having another girl in the house, Harry had a bit of a crush on her and Matthew loved to pull her hair.

When he had gotten out of Oz he didn't expect to be hit with a paternity suit soon after. Leda had been a one-night stand, he wanted to prove Oz didn't break him.

The sex was boring, but anyone following Chris Keller would be.

That was another story, what was he going to do about Chris. He knew the man tried to set him up, he'd been lucky to have an appendicitis before the pickup was scheduled.

When he was better he went to apologize to Bonnie. She had told him it was all a set up. Keller tried to screw him again. He hadn't been back to see him.

Bonnie promised to let him know the gig was up. The only problem now was he was still madly in love with Chris. But his family meant more.

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