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A fanfic by pencilneck posted on commaful. see the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...


“Miss Shaw.” Harold's voice came through on the earbud. “Mister Reese is with the number now at the safe house. You can head home if you like.”

“Sure thing, Harold.” Shaw clicks off communications with Finch and walks swiftly south, toward her apartment. Well, one of her apartments.

After being kidnapped by Root from her own space, Shaw had taken better precautions. That's the problem with being one of the good guys.

You forget how sneaky the bad guys can be, even for a minute, and you're compromised.

Her cell rings.

“I thought you said I was off the clock?” Shaw asks, without even a hello.

Static buzzed through the speaker for a moment.

.” The Machine was calling.

“Uh, yeah.” Shaw replies, a bit disconcerted. The Machine had never called her directly before.

“Now?” Shaw asks for clarification. “Is it an emergency?”

.” The Machine orders. “

The phone disconnects and Shaw drops her cell back in her pocket. She turns left at the next intersection, only a few blocks from the address the machine had told her to go.

She increases her pace but she doesn't run. It would draw too much attention. If she's moving too slow, the machine will probably let her know.

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