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written piece by rednihilist posted on commaful. see the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...


He doesn't actually get around to it until nearly three weeks have passed by in work, running, sleeping, buying groceries, running, work, eating, meetings, running, and Sissy—a lot of Sissy,

in point of fact.

Sissy is everywhere, taking up space she has no right to and constantly dragging his attention to things it doesn't need to be on.

She suffocates him merely with her presence, and yet it's when she's not there that he truly finds it hard to breathe.

There's time spent at her bedside in hospital and then later proceeding carefully onto the Psych ward to sit with her in front of a TV


There's the moment when he's standing in the produce aisle of the market and he can't for the life of him—and, Christ,

that's not a good saying to be using right now—remember if his sister likes apples or not

. Who the fuck doesn't like apples? But if such a person exists, it's more than likely Sissy Sullivan.

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