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work by patrycja444d adapted for commaful. see the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...


A man clad in a plain dark jeans, a grey hoodie, a beanie and a pair of quite big sunglasses went inside a small café and looked around.

The place was perfect, secured from prying eyes by being located in a back alley yet it was stylish and homy.

The man was sure that no know will disturb him here; no paparazzi, no reporters and no screaming teenage girls. That’s what always frightened him the most, his crazy fans, Akanishi Jin fans.

Jin sat at the table in the corner. The spot was great; he could see the entrance and people outside the café but no one from the outside could see him.

He smiled satisfied with his choice and took off his sunglasses and a beanie. He was aware that people in the restaurant recognized him but there was no further reaction.

That made the man even more happy, he didn’t need any new scandal at the moment.

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