Bleeding Out
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Bleeding Out

Harry sat down at the mess hall, ignoring everyone else's stares.

He could feel the ever present dark magic tailing him and shuddered as it stopped and hovered over him, 'checking' him for any magic use.

Even worse, the Shade had entered the room and was overseeing one of the last groups of the king's men.

Apparently, the new dragon and its' rider had led the Empire right to the Varden's location.

Harry had heard that the king had ordered Durza to lead the monsters known as the Urgals and destroy the rebels.

All of the other soldiers in the mess ducked their heads as the Shade approached; none of them wanted to gain Durza's attention.

As Durza approached, he smirked at Harry. “The king's pet wizard...”

Harry ignored him and took a sip of water then finally looked up to him. “What do you want?”

Durza leered at him, dark magic leaking from his every pore. Harry inwardly winced, not wanting the Shade to see his reaction. “I am to destroy the Varden, as you know.”

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