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fanfic by titankiller31 adapted for commaful. find the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...


Ichigo's at school with the others he thought he was in love with Orihime and from what he's heard thought she liked him to which was so bizarre when Uryu asked her out and she said yes so

it left Ichigo sad and confused not that he has much time for love with his duties as a substitute Soul Reaper taking up a lot of his free time what is also strange is Tatsuki,

Orihime's best friend and his friend also seems to have backed off yes she still kicks the crap out Chizuru but what's new in that but she seems to have slightly pulled away is she lonely

or something.

He looks at her she's kind of a tomboy but she is pretty and now that he looks more closely he realizes just how attractive she is yea there friends they have been for a long time but he's

never really thought much about it until now maybe it's the fact that maybe he's lonely also he looks around his face seems kind of heated is he blushing luckily nobodies noticed.

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