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Bleach Mini's

Renji was pouting.

There was really no other word for the stuck out lip and the eyes that were from a puppy that had been kicked after their toy had been taken away. ‘

’ Ichigo mused to himself. He sipped his soda before he put the bottle down onto the table.

“Renji, do you want to tell me what you walked into now? I have no idea what has going on and I need to know what it was so I know what I’m kicking his scrawny ass for this time.”

Renji looked up to his fire headed friend before he sighed and allowed his head to thunk onto the table, the rest of the bar ignored by the two friends.

“I walked in on him balls deep in some little bitch,” he said as he lifted his head, rubbing at his forehead absently.

“I knew that he had been fucking around on me, but I didn’t actually have the proof.

Grimmjow, for all that he’s a rough around the edges bastard, was really good about hiding shit and talking me round.”

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