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Blame Simon

Luciano is not even a little surprised, if he has to be honest.

He lives alone in a small cheap apartment, barely a room with a kitchenette in a corner, a bed in the other, a table, an old TV and a tiny bathroom ,

but there's really no point in complaining when he spends more time working outside in the streets anyway; Luciano is a member of the Police Department, proud to carry his uniform and badge,

even when that means he barely spends time at home - not like it matters, really, no one is at home waiting for him.

Luciano lives all by himself, so it’d be normal for him to be alarmed to arrive home after a long, tiring day and find the lights and TV on and someone inside.

He is not - it's not the first time that happens, nor will it be the last, he well knows by now.

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