Blaine Anderson and the Headmaster's Orb
Blaine Anderson and the Headmaster's Orb glee stories

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Blaine Anderson and the Headmaster's Orb

Disclaimer: The characters of glee do not belong to me. Neither does the world of Harry Potter. So this is a Blam endgame Harry Potter/glee fic.

I am sure I’ll have other pairings, the only one I know for sure that will be endgame is Blam. Bear with me, this isn’t completely fleshed out.

I’ve had the idea for awhile and just went with it. This is set now, and there’s a new villain that is going to surface. I’m starting with Blaine & Sam being in fifth year. So just bear with me.

Blam is not established yet but they ARE best friends and there ARE feelings. Hogwarts School is where they met. XD. READ ON!

Blaine Anderson and the Headmaster’s Orb

By Julia

Fifth year was going to be great. Blaine Anderson thought as he walked down the Express, looking for his best friend Sam Evans. Blaine was sure their other best friend Brittany S.

Pierce would also be there. Blaine finally found their compartment, but before he could go in, his mortal enemy, Sebastian Smythe of Slytherin House stepped in front of him.

Blaine rolled his eyes. “Go away, Smythe.” He said immediately. Blaine was carrying his owl’s cage, his trunk was already stored. He and Sebastian had hated each other since first year.

Blaine looked at him, curls falling over his forehead. He just wanted this to be over. He wanted to see Sammy.

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