Blackberry Bushes
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Blackberry Bushes

Tiedoll had been known to wander into some strange places, but he had to admit, a graveyard in the dead of night was rather unusual, even for him.

He hadn't done it on

of course, but it was quite hard to see this late at night, and he'd been caught up in a particularly beautiful scene that he just had to paint.

No wonder it kept changing on him! It had taken hours. And now he was having some difficulty finding lodging for the night. Shame.

Perhaps it was for the best, though, because if he'd come here in the morning, or indeed not come here at all, he might not have found that little boy.

He almost didn't, anyway. The poor child was tucked right up against a gravestone, and if the moon had been any dimmer he would have been invisible.

As it was, Tiedoll fingered his weapon cautiously as he approached, eyes concerned.

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