Black Wings, Black Sails
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Black Wings, Black Sails

The pirate captain fought until the very last minute,

even with six dragons of a Longwing formation descending inexorably upon him; he and a lone group of fighters were gaining time for his ragged boarding crew to dive straight back over

the side of the transport. Through the darkness Granby could see them slipping through the water like seals, too many and quick for the dragons to get at.

The larger fleet had already melted into darkness. Only the flagship had been caught; Granby could see the careful lettering on its side that proclaimed it the

The captain himself had spent his chance at escape. Yet even as he went to his knees in surrender, his face showed no great signs of fear; indeed, he looked scornful more than anything else.

Unlike his crew, clad mostly in motley, the man maintained a battered but respectable coat and even a neckcloth.

Granby had heard him referred to as the Gentleman Pirate; there were many who whispered that he was some nobleman’s son. Granby had not given that in itself much thought.

To turn to piracy, as if a vote in the House of Lords and a grand estate were not enough, seemed exactly to him like the kind of thing a spoilt nobleman’s son would do.

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