Black Water | Tokyo Ghoul
Black Water | Tokyo Ghoul will there be major character death? i don't know either stories

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Black Water | Tokyo Ghoul

"No, wait," the man with oil slick black hair begged. The red in his black eyes pounded with fear as the rain trickled from his face, making it seem as though he was crying.

The man in the white trench coat didn't seem to hear him though. He simply approached, looming over him like a tall mountain.

Thunder crackled overhead and as usual, the boy simply watched from atop a tall building,

silently watching the scene unfold before him like a bored cat undisturbed by the rain falling atop his head and wetting his thick blonde hair.

Hugging himself to keep warm, the young boy eyed the suitcase the taller man was clutching.

.' Rin thought, his dark brown eyes carefully shifting towards the frightened man cowering backwards like an injured little bird. '

The black haired man was in a tight situation. The boy sighed, suddenly annoyed.

If only Mamoru thought about a better spot to run into. The boy had been watching him for some time now and he was pretty slow.

Obviously, jumping over the fence he had backed himself into was impossible.

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