Black Light
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Black Light

Rose wakes up on the TARDIS, with the Doctor looking at her worriedly.

"Rose," he breathes. "Rose."

"Is she awake?" Her mother enters the infirmary hurriedly, the woman's face contorted with disquiet. He smiles at Jackie sadly, giving the girl the same question for seemingly the billionth time.

"Rose, do you remember?" She grabs for his hand, as if looking for something beyond her reach...

This desperate gesture only tells him that she doesn't. Not fully, not yet… The panicked look in the companion's eyes only confirms his fears, and he knows just what is coming.

Sometimes, the wording is slightly different, but... The Time Lord smiles at her encouragingly just the same.

"Doctor. Have I died?" The same question, the same answer. "I will tell you

, my dear.

For now, just sleep." A tender touch of her temples, and Rose is asleep.

"For how much longer, Doctor? Why wouldn't you just allow her to wake up properly?" The mother was growing more and more desperate each day.

It was well she found it too hard to come visit them in the TARDIS every day…

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