Black Diaries
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Black Diaries

Cold. It was just so

. A figure sat, rocking back and forth in the confines of his cell. Chilling laughter filled the air as a cruel voice taunted the prisoner, "Oh Sirius Black, how far you have fallen.

Tell me, was it worth it? Was it worth betraying your only friends, was it worth their screams? What did You-Know-Who offer you? More money? Power? Perhaps a place among your family?

You sicken me. You are nothing more than an ungrateful bastard! Should've known, honestly. Blacks are as Dark as they come. Hope your parents are proud you sick bastard!"

On and on it went. They always taunted him. It was almost enough to make Sirius feel guilty for his teasing Snivellus all those years back.

Surely he too didn't have these dark thoughts swimming around in his head day in and day out? The voices whispering they were right. After all, didn't the very name

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