Black Bird; Green Arrow
Black Bird; Green Arrow thea queen stories

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fanfic by wtchcool adapted for commaful. find the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...

Black Bird; Green Arrow

“Vince, could you come inside for a minute?” Dana asked. Her ex-husband, Vince Faraday, had just dropped off their twelve-year-old son, Trip.

“Sure,” the sandy haired man acquiesced, following her inside.

The Faradays had been happily married until one night a couple of years ago. Vince, a sergeant in the police force at the time, had received a tip from the blogger known as Orwell.

Orwell had sent him to the train yards, where illegal explosives were being smuggled into the city on behalf of the masked villain calling himself Chess.

Vince was ambushed by Chess, who revealed his secret identity to be Peter Fleming, the CEO of ARK Corporation.

Unfortunately for Vince, the city had just delegated the Palm City Police Department’s duties to ARK Corporation.

Fleming had one of his men staple Chess’ mask onto Faraday’s head, and then had his forces chase the last honest cop through the city on live television.

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