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A fanfic by tocilar posted on commaful. see the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...


The light blinded all in the cavernous space, the force of magic behind the light enough to throw everyone off balance and onto their backs.

Time seemed to suspend; weight pressed onto Kili's chest and he felt suffocated. He tried to speak but nothing escaped. Attempts to draw in breath did nothing but constrict his lungs.

Kili did not know how long he lay there only that every attempt he made at trying proved futile.

Then it came; a splash upon his cheek – wet and ice cold. He twitched in reaction, fingers clenching subconsciously as another splash followed the second.

Groaning, he managed to roll his head to the side and open his eyes.

What in the name Aulë? It was raining. How could it rain beneath the mountain? His forehead creased in confusion as he took his now rather different surroundings.

It was dark and a forest lay around him; dense and overgrown. The rain was steadily becoming heavier and Kili lifted his head up, dark eyes searching for his companions.

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