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Erin, Abby knew, was a creature of habit; she had seen her chew her way through roughly a hundred marker caps when they had been in college together.

She bit on them whenever she got stuck in her work,

and Abby was familiar of the way she often unconsciously played with pens or paperclips or whatever was within reach when she sat pouring over one of her books or when they all sat together

and talked business.

She knew all of Erin’s quirks and idiosyncrasies.

None of them had changed during the time they hadn’t been in contact - and so, it was quite the surprise when she realized that Erin had developed a new habit,

and with quite the surprising item, too.

Abby noticed that curious new habit when they were all relaxing at HQ, after yet another successful bust; Erin was leaning against one of Holtzmann’s workbenches, looking relaxed and content,

but apparently unable to keep her hands still – and playing with the army knife Holtzmann had given her what seemed to be ages ago,

sliding the various tools it contained out and putting them back in over and over, without even truly noticing what she was doing.

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