Birthday party escape - C&J.
Birthday party escape - C&J. fanfiction stories

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Birthday party escape - C&J.

Birthday party escape - C&J.

Scene: Where did the Queen and her head of security go some time in to Mias big 21.

Birthday bash? I know that Julie and Garry (may he rest in peace) mentioned on the dvd that Queen Clarisse was being a hostess and mingling around. BUT that isn’t the whole truth.

Queen Clarisse had been mingling around, talking to and dancing with as many as possible, and simply being the most perfect hostess as humanly possible.

However, now she was getting a bit tired and rather warm and was in desperate need, of some fresh air.

Joseph had also been busy.

He had just arrived this afternoon with the princess from America, and he had to dive in to work immediately because guests were soon arriving and the party was soon to begin.

Because of that he hadn’t been able to see or talk to the Queen other than briefly when she was about to make her entrance at the party.

His main priority tonight was still the Queen and the princess, but mainly the Queen.

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