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Birthday Call

David frowned when he looked at his phone and saw it was Joe. He'd told him that he'd find half an hour in the evening to be alone today, assuming Joe would choose that time to call.

Or maybe this was his official, "just a friend wishing happy birthday" call.

"Hey," David said into the phone.

"Hey, baby. Happy birthday!" came Joe's enthusiastic, slightly slurred voice.

David's mouth stood open for a second, then he signaled his guests that he would take the call elsewhere for a moment. Once outside, he asked, "Are you drunk?"

There was a moment of silence before Joe said, "Noooooo."

David rolled his eyes.

"How are you doing? Are you having a good time? With your family?" Joe asked.

"Yeah, they're here. Well, not all of them, but..." David trailed off. He didn't think Joe really wanted an account of everyone who was present.

"I wish I was there," Joe said. "I wish I was your family," he added so quietly that David almost didn't hear it. Now he knew for sure that Joe was drunk. He'd never say that sober.

It was a punch to the gut.

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