Beyond the Gate - Part III - Abyss
Beyond the Gate - Part III - Abyss stargate sg-1 rpf stories

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Beyond the Gate - Part III - Abyss

He woke with his arms full of a warm, naked body and sunlight trying to find its way in through the closed drapes. Michael yawned and rubbed his nose on a broad shoulder.

Rick stirred and made a muffled sound, then quieted down again. Michael stretched and, with a happy little sigh, pressed up against Rick’s back.

It was a perfect way to wake up on a Sunday morning. Maybe they could...

A phone started playing the Family Guy theme, getting louder with every second.

Groaning, Michael rolled over on his back and nudged Rick. “Hey, that your alarm? Turn it off, ‘s loud.”

“Wha...? Huh... no...” Rick’s voice was raspy and a bit slurred. “’s my damn phone.”

“Well, turn it OFF.” Michael grabbed a pillow and buried his face in it.

The bed dipped and there was some cursing and muttering and finally the annoying sound stopped, then Rick bellowed, “Crap!

” Michael’s covers were pulled away and annoyingly cold air hit his sleep-warm body. “Get up! It’s...”

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