Beyond Seven
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Beyond Seven

Avon smiled grimly and raised his gun, pointing it at the group of black suited soldiers encircling him.

Suddenly shots rang out - slowly the Federation forces slumped to the ground. Avon watched from the window as men and women came from the trees.

The rebels of Gauda Prime whooped as they came forward to carry off the dead soldiers.

“Before we bury them, we’ll slit their throats. What do you wish us to do with your dead?’

“Nothing Lethro. I have no dead. If you can get them to a safe place, all of them, then I have a plan that can get all of you off this world.”

Lethro looked at the fallen bodies of Tarrant, Soolin, Vila, Dayna, and Blake. “I heard you were cold but I didn’t think you were that frozen.”

“They aren’t dead.” Avon sneered, “Just stunned. Now if you and your… people will hurry up and move them, I can get us all off this useless rock.”

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