Beyond Reason, Beyond Hope
Beyond Reason, Beyond Hope griffin o'conner stories

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Beyond Reason, Beyond Hope

He would never have admitted it to that wanker David, but Griffin actually does have a library on his safe list too.

Nothing as measly as David’s little provincial spot; no, he’d had the brains to pick a place that at least had plenty of quiet spaces to pop in and out of,

and a university library has more than enough.

Sure, it’s fun to blow minds by appearing and disappearing in full view of whoever happens to be around, but there are times when a bloke needs discretion.

In fact, he’s kept it almost as secret as his lair in the desert.

Unfortunately, it looks like he hasn’t been quite discreet enough.

The light in his eyes is almost the worst part; he can

it burning, and it turns Roland into a menacing voice coming out of the darkness behind the spotlight.

But all that does is show up Roland’s addiction to old spy movies, because while Griffin may be afraid of dying on the bastard’s blade, he isn’t afraid of

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