Beyond Friendship: Be Who You Are
Beyond Friendship: Be Who You Are inuyasha (inuyasha) stories

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Beyond Friendship: Be Who You Are

Inuyasha sighed as he made his way through the throng of students into the high-school hallway. Triangular ears flickered irritably as derisive whispers flooded the air from snickering demons.

It was surely the height of having the crappiest luck ever to be the only half-demon enrolled in an all-youkai high school.

The stuck up, snotty full demon brats were obviously going to treat him like crap; he had expected that. But that did not make this experience any more pleasant.

“Hey half-breed,” someone taunted as he inevitable against someone in the crowd, “Watch where you’re going. Or can’t you even see a person 2 feet from you?”

“I’m not blind!” snarled Inuyasha as he slung his bag on his back and walked away. “Asshole,” he muttered.

“Yeah, no kidding.”

Inuyasha turned with a frown to see that a guy had fallen into step with him...a

. Yes, there were humans in this school but Inuyasha had not considered that important.

Between ostracism in both youkai and human circles,

it had never actually occurred to Inuyasha to even consider interacting with humans- it was just one of the things that just did not happen- like a wolf befriending a deer.

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