between these meridians
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A fanfic by lady_peony adapted for commaful. find the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...

between these meridians

The girl is crying, terribly, fearfully. Oginome-san was loud, her shoulders shaking with every breath.

If it was any other day, any other person, he would ignore it.

, whispers a voice in his mind, one that sounds like Shouma. They had followed her, bugged her room, listened to her ramble endlessly on Sensei, Sensei,

. Really. Shouma needn't have complained so much. Kanba had only suggested breaking into her house, not breaking her neck.

And still. She had helped make Himari smile. Eaten at their table, in their house. He owed her. For Himari's life. For Shouma's life too, after the accident.

If not for that, he would not have hesitated, would not have thought twice and yanking the book from her hands and running. It was Himari, wasn't it, who had the greater need.

And still, Oginome-san offered it now. Freely, without resentment, and for Shouma's sake.

"Keep it," Kanba says."I will save Shouma some other way." He pushes the cover back into her palms, smiles as reassuringly as he could.

He has had enough practice with that, when Himari would start to frown, her eyes uncertain, when Shouma would get that particular pinched look between his brows.

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