Between the Sinners and the Saints
Between the Sinners and the Saints lou the coelacanth stories

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A fanfic by ivyontheholodeck adapted for commaful. watch the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...

Between the Sinners and the Saints

The stone vibrates as he waves it over the man's loins.

John sighs in disgust, tucking the diagnostic crystal into his waistcoat pocket and turning back to his desk, dipping his quill into the waiting well.

The "sex abuser" box on the file receives a check in iridescent ink, right below the "crime against humanity" box, next to which he has penned "slave owner."

Ignoring the names of the souls being called to the front desk for initial processing, John wrinkles his nose, not at all sorry to be sending this jackass to Hell.

When he'd first arrived in Heaven, he'd balked at the idea of condemning any man to an eternity in flames,

but his commander explained that Hell-bound souls were only punished for the length of time of their sins (intensity scaled based on severity of crime, consciousness of wrongdoing,

innate moral capability, social norms, et cetera, et cetera, that wasn't really his department) before rehabilitation.

Now, John contributes to the administration of cosmic justice with a grin and a well-placed bayonet jab.

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