Between The Points
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Between The Points

So on a scale of one to megaton-suck,

ending up idling at the one street light between the Fox Hole Lounge and the rest of the warehouse district No Man’s Land with the first dude to ever give him a lap dance was not that bad.

Given where the night had first started, Dom considered this string of moments to be on an upward trajectory.

Electricity buzzed in Dom’s veins with an additional undercurrent of heat that ebbed and spiked as Brian waited for him.

He felt too loose in his skin, still not back to rights after coming so hard so unexpectedly, but pleased that he’d worn dark pants to diminish his chances of embarrassment.

Dom rolled down the passenger window. “We race to the railroad crossing.” The dare being that he knew Brian was already up for it.

And Brian rewarded him with a half-grin that made Dom want to cross the finish line already just to explore what was hidden underneath.

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