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A short story by lucicelo posted on commaful. see the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...

Between the Pages

Jerry finished preparing his tray with treats and tea cups with minutes to spare. He set it down on his desk.

Wiping down any spilled liquid, he tossed the rag inside of the waste basket in his desk.

He spent time spiffing up his office, making sure any stray papers went in their proper folder and file cabinet. Smiling in satisfaction, he fiddled with his tie.

Years passed since he last saw his old friend. Sure, they kept in touch through phone calls or in recent years, web cam conversations. It wasn't the same in his opinion.

Personal meetings gave them a chance to exchange old stories from their younger years.

His office provided the security to hide their secrets from any prying ears. The walls of his office canceled out their voices before they reached the outside.

After all, his friend held his privacy to a high standard. His job description on assisting a detective made him paranoid and extra careful to hide their identities.

Even Wammy's House security system outmatched most of the high tech systems in the world.

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