Better to Die on your Feet
Better to Die on your Feet melissa mccall stories

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Better to Die on your Feet

It is better to die on your feet than to live on your knees.

- Emiliano Zapata

This is not real, is his first thought. This is not happening. He doesn't move, rooted to the ground in shock.

Scott is dimly aware of the shocked muttering of the people around him, because this is unprecedented, how could this be happening

- but then the ringing in his ears drowns it out. He sways and the two boys on either side of him reach out to steady him. And then they push him forward.

"Scott McCall!" Bobby Finstock calls again, looking irritated at the delay, while District 12's female tribute, Harley Jones, sobs silently on the podium beside him.

It takes a couple Peacekeepers heading towards him to galvanize him into action, the ingrained fear of their white uniforms and cold expressions overshadowing his shock for a moment.

Scott stumbles towards the podium, the boys’ side parting before him, his ears still ringing horribly. It's only when he reaches the aisle that he realizes someone is screaming.

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