Better Times
Better Times spoilers for the last herald mage stories

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Better Times

Some days her life was almost bearable. Some days it felt as if there was a black hole inside of her, slowly consuming every last atom of her.

Ordinarily she would scorn such hyperbole and melodrama. Vastra had never had much use for introspection and pretty words.

She did not consider herself to be prone to sentiment, and privately felt scorn for those of her sisters who formed foolish attachments to mates,

who sought to form bonds outside those of shared genes. It only led to trouble, and in these times, there was trouble to spare without seeking out more.


times, she corrected herself bitterly. Sixty five million years ago.

When she was still able to believe she didn’t need the comfort of emotional attachments, because she wasn’t the last of her bloody

When the silurians entered hibernation eons ago, they had done so with the assurance that they would sleep peacefully through the devastation of their world by a giant asteroid,

and wake to a planet already recovered from near total destruction, ready to accept them once again as the dominant species. She knew the world would be vastly different.

She just didn’t expect to be alone.

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