Better the devil you date…
Better the devil you date… teen romance stories

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A short story by whim_wham posted on commaful. find the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...

Better the devil you date…

On the threshold of the tower's den, Beast Boy paused: something wasn’t right. His eyes surveyed the room and its inhabitants.

Nearly everything and everybody looked and acted as they had countless times before : Starfire was in the kitchen fueling her alien dietary requirements with mustard

and mold ; Cyborg battled Robin in the algorithmic arena of Carpocalypse Racers, and Raven was reading one of her dusty, musty, fusty old tomes of Things Best Not Known By the Minds of Teens.

Only she wasn’t really reading: she was watching. The book was a hunter’s blind, and Garfield was her quarry. Gar found the implications unsettling.

Besides Robin, Raven was the single most focused person that he knew. When she read, she did so with the single mindedness of a black hole inexorably devouring local space-time.

Now, however, as Beast Boy stood on the verge of the room, his eyes beheld a different type of Raven, a distracted Raven.

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