Better Than Firewhiskey
Better Than Firewhiskey hilary james becker/connor temple stories

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Better Than Firewhiskey

Connor is the first person Becker hears when he gets back from the holidays.

The yelp of "Ow!" could come from no-one else, particularly considering that it issued from the Atrium and was accompanied by a medium-sized bang and a fizzing noise.

The labs that front the Atrium on the lower floor are all quiet places, and there are only three offices up above: Claudia's, Jenny's and Miss Wickes'.

It isn't too early for any of the three to be in, not on a normal day, but it's the second of January, and in any case, Becker doesn't think any of them are likely to blow things up.

When he jogs into the Atrium, all he can see is Connor's feet protruding from under the ADD, from where a muttered chorus of "Ow, shit, ow, ow" is emanating.

Becker crosses the floor and kneels by the spot where he thinks Connor's head must be.

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