Better Love a Dream
Better Love a Dream internalized homophobia stories

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A work by planet_plantagenet adapted for commaful. watch the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...

Better Love a Dream

“I am in love with Sebastian,” I said firmly. The sound echoed around the silent, empty library room, and I exhaled.

Why was I doing this exercise anyway? To somehow cement the feeling in my mind, to ward away any suspicion that the statement might not be true?

, came the next thought, unwelcome in my mind. I closed my eyes.

But as much as I willed the thought to be true, it wasn’t. Sebastian and Viola weren’t the same person. Yes, they looked the same. Both were beautiful and charming. Both had a way with words.

But I’d fallen for Cesario—Viola, I corrected myself—and had only married Sebastian under the assumption that the two were one and the same.

How could I have been so stupid… to think Sebastian was Cesario, when I married him??

The door creaked. I jumped, and whirled around to see Sebastian slowly enter. He was smiling slightly, but the expression disappeared when he saw me.

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