Betrayal of the Trusted
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Betrayal of the Trusted

Betrayal of the Trusted

The little girl covered her eyes, and ran. She could hear the voices behind her, calling and mocking.

Threatening that if she ever dared to come back, they would pound her into the ground for sure.

But she would. She would come back when they weren’t there, sabotage their little hide out. Maybe she wouldn’t go today or tomorrow, but she’d go alright. That would teach them, too.

Teach them never to touch her again. Then she’d be the one laughing; and those mean boys would go home crying to their Mommies.

Instead of her. She was always the one going home crying. She really tried not to; she would hold it all in, until she knew that she couldn’t anymore.

But she had tried, she really had, many times. Billy always told her that she looked even uglier when she cried, so she should try not to. But what did Billy know?

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