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*Hey.* *What's up? Sad, huh? I can always tell.*
By Queenofscots

Best Friends Always Know

by Queenofscots


*What's up? Sad, huh? I can always tell.*

*We're best friends, right? I always know when you need me.*

*Look, I got a couple things I want to tell you, but I just don't know how....things you really need to know. Can we go for a walk, maybe? Just us?*

*Please? Pleeeease can we just go out for a walk, and I'll try my best to tell you what I know. And what you need to know. But I really want to get outside, out of this house right now.....*

*Oh, good. Let's go, let's go right this minute. You need to get out of here too.*

*OK. Good. We're out now. I feel better already. I have so many important things to tell you, but I don't think you'll understand, even if I try my best.... Your Dad is really sick.

Not in his body, like your Grandma--she's really sick, too, but nobody listens when I try to tell them these things--*

*Your Dad is messed up in his head. He and your Mom fight all day when you're in school, he even hits her sometimes, but she never tells you.

He hurts himself sometimes, too, he gets so angry, and in his head it's all hate and mad and sad all mixed together..... Can we just run away, right now?*

*I don't want us to go back there, he's going to do something really bad to us if he can, soon, and I might not be able to stop him, not if he has that loud fire-thing,

that makes a funny burnt smell...he takes it out and holds it a lot now, when you're at school, and I know he wants to hurt everybody......*

*You don't understand, do you?*

*Well, I'm here for you, anyway. Always.*

*Aww, thank you. I AM a good dog, aren't I?*

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