Best Case Scenario
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A fanfic by cinnabongene adapted for commaful. watch the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...

Best Case Scenario

Kim didn’t know exactly what it was that made her notice, but when she was driving around Albuquerque one morning, she realized that she hadn’t seen Jimmy’s face in a while.

It was usually plastered all over town, on billboards, and bus benches, and commercials on local late night television, and always attached to that tacky assumed name—Saul Goodman.

Always smiling that smarmy grin down at her, reminding her of what she had lost all those years ago. But now, the face from her past was nowhere to be found.

Late the following night, when she was sure no one would be around, Kim drove to Saul Goodman’s office.

Her heart dropped when she saw the gaudy lady liberty balloon—which usually only filled her with secondhand embarrassment whenever she drove by—was no longer mounted to the roof.

She pulled into a parking space and made her way over to the office to peer in the window. Vacant. Gone was Saul’s name from the door, replaced by a “for lease” sign.

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