Beneath the Water
Beneath the Water mental health issues stories

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Beneath the Water


Chapter 1

She told herself that over and over. ‘

When her watch beeped, she stiffened and wished them all a good holiday. She reminded them of their homework, and end-of-semester projects and their expected submission date.

When they all filtered out, she fell into her desk chair and put her shaking hands over her face. She made it through another class, the last one before the winter holiday.

Hitomi Togua gathered her things, bagged her trash, and felt her phone buzz in her pocket. She stopped to pull it out. She looked at the screen and frowned at the name there, and hit decline.

She set her phone on the desk and sat in her seat and laid her head in her arms. She didn't want to do another movie; she had no ideas for it.

The idea of returning, even sending her heroine was beyond her imagination. What was left for her to do there? Destroy Gaea once in for all?

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