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Bendicion is a Spanish greeting. People usually say it to their elders and loved ones. I never got to say it to my grandmother. I wrote this song after seeing a picture of her for the first time.


Is it weird to say I miss you? Even though we never got to meet. You don't know who I am but I swear that these feelings got to me. I'm trying to walk forward though I think about it constantly, the fact that your face is something I never got to see. It gets me angry, and I'm just speaking honestly, There has to be some good here

I gotta believe there's gotta be a silver lining, so lets set forth on this odyssey to try to explain all these things that always bothered me. See you were gone for years, before I woke up. and now these pictures show up, hitting me like my glow up. Wounds I had to sow up tear apart and then I blow up. Its such a shame you'll never see your grandson grow up.

your personality is something that I'll never know now my only question is how the hell did my mother cope? and though I'm lonely I can never say I'm on my own. I'm waiting on the day where I get to say Bendicion

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