Belivet in Blue
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Belivet in Blue

Therese Belivet had been working the beat for the better part of two years. Although the job itself felt rudimentary, life as a cop was certainly never boring.

At 24 years young, Therese thought she had pretty much seen it all; New York City and all of its personalities scattered throughout the streets like shrapnel.

Life until this point had been a misbalance of work and play, that is, more the former than the latter.

It was a sensible choice, considering her age and her career plans, but Therese wouldn’t suggest for a second that it was the bravest choice.

Therese preferred the company of women in the bedroom. She wasn’t exactly open about it but she certainly didn’t apologise for it.

Her fleeting experiences with men over the years had done nothing but make her comfortable with her sexuality. Most of the precinct knew of Therese’s preference, or at least had an inclination.

For the most part it appeared the general consensus erred on the side of ‘who cares’?

In fact, Therese’s sporadic dalliances with women were often a vicarious pursuit for the married boys in blue.

Although they hoped that she would find someone special, they certainly enjoyed the journey thus far.

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