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A work by atlantisairlock adapted for commaful. see the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...

believe it beloved

Jamie spends most of the flight complaining.

"I just don't believe it. We

We tied with some arrogant, amateur hotshot who decided to get into battlebots for

Kari! Scottie! We've won the championship

and we didn't manage to outscore this - this newbie who's never even been ranked on a state level!"

Kari doesn't even bother looking away from the in-flight entertainment system to reply.

"Jamie, Mr Lee signed our consent forms, Sparky is sitting in a suitcase in the cargo hold,

we're halfway through our flight to Boston and Adam Savage is sitting in the seat in the row beside ours, snoring with his mouth open. I think you had better start believing it."

By the time they fly into the airport, Jamie's worn off most of his irritation,

only for it to return threefold when his suitcases take half an hour to come off the belt and the coach shuttling the competitors to Rees-Joseph breaks down on the last leg of the journey.

All thirty students flying in from California, Nevada and Arizona end up sitting at the side of the road waiting for the next coach to chug along in an hour's time.

Jamie's tired, hungry and on edge - something Adam obviously doesn't share, because he spends the hour cracking an endless array of jokes and poking fun at the championship.

This elicits laughs from everyone, even complete strangers, even Mr Lee. Jamie can't help but shoot their teacher in charge a scowl. This is a

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