Being Truthful
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A written piece by fallenqueen2 posted on commaful. see the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...

Being Truthful

"Hey Briggs, can we talk?" Mike Warren asked his training officer Paul Briggs nervously from the kitchen. Paul looked up from the TV in the living room and gave him a questioning look.

"Sure Levi, what you want to talk about?" Paul raised an eyebrow.

"Lets go for a walk yeah?" Mike walked over to the door; Paul raised an eyebrow but followed Mike nonetheless.

Moments later they were walking on the deserted beach, Mike in front of Briggs hands shoved in his short's pockets, they were nearing the underside of the pier.

"Okay Mikey get whatever you need to get off your chest." Paul ordered and Mike stopped in the sand, looking out towards the crashing waves taking a few deep breaths.

"No secrets at Graceland." Mike started trying not to make eye contact with Briggs, afraid that if he did he would loose his nerve. "Well I have one, one that I don't want anymore.

It was no fluke that I was brought out to Graceland instead of DC, it's time for me to be truthful."

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