Beginnings in Disguise
Beginnings in Disguise silent bob stories

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Beginnings in Disguise

There are no bright lights or heavenly host singing on the day (and a night and another day) of the Second Coming.

No guiding stars, no sounding trumpets, no choir of angles and – thankfully – no barnyard animals. In fact, the only witnesses to this joyous

occasion are three harried nurses, the attending


six weeks early

, an abortion clinic worker


and one extremely pissed off mother-to-be.

If any of them wondered why Bethany Slone kept shouting such colorful and creative curses towards the ceiling,

they simply blamed it on the fatigue of the birthing process and slight loopyness of the drugs they gave her to dull the pain.

If you'd spent forty-three hours in labor, you'd probably be pretty damned cranky, too.

Then, with one final push and the most ear-ringing expletive of all, suddenly it's over and the sound of crying fills the room and the doctor is placing a small, red,

wiggling body into her arms, screaming bloody murder about the cold and unforgiving new world she's been brought into, and she's the most beautiful thing Bethany has ever seen.

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