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A fan work by egyptadbydos adapted for commaful. see the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...


EgyptAdbydos: This is my version of Transformes, it based on the movies, so things well be the same.

Only Sam, Mikaela and Miles are all eight when they meet the Autobots, yes i added Miles because he's Sam best friend.

They are eight when the meet them, and by the dark side of the moon they are 13.

Sam is the allspark in this story, if want to learn more my story called My Destiny, is a short story from this universe.

Ron was pacing around in the waiting with his family and his wife's family.

Judy had gone into labor a few hours ago and Ron flinched each time he heard a woman scream as she gave birth thinking that it could be Judy.

"Mr. Witwicky?" A nurse had called out.

Ron walked up to her and looked at her and through the open doors.

"My wife, Judy is she…?" Ron swallowed trying to ask the question.

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