Beginning Anew
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Beginning Anew

"An appy, I'm doing an appy... Why am I doing an appy?" The blonde woman shook her scrub covered head.

Shirley glanced at the clock, "That is the question that's being asked Doctor Hahn."

Doctor Erica Hahn glanced up, then back to what she was doing. "Because, I've finally figured out that perhaps I was living my life wrong. Ah...

and Donald didn't think I could still do one of these."

She took a step back, handed off her instruments and started to peel off her gloves. Shirley quirked an eyebrow over her mask, "I'd say our fearless leader was very wrong."

Erica and Shirley walked out of the OR together, "Oh, didn't you hear, Donald is no longer acting Chief of Staff. They hired some non doctor, administrator whiz. Lawyer too."

Shirley put a chart in the rack, "I didn't know that, no... Have you met her?"

"Haven't. I heard that she's quite the... firebrand though."

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