Begin Again
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Begin Again

“Keys. Wallet. Phone. Keys. Wallet.


” Charlie muttered to himself as he walked the short distance from the kitchen to the front door balancing a travel coffee mug and bagel while simultaneously trying to pull on a sweatshirt

and not drop his backpack in the process.

He paused in the front entryway, bagel clenched between his teeth and glanced at the mirror hanging on the wall.

“Keys. Wallet. Phone,” he said to his reflection.

A quick pat of his pockets confirmed he had both his wallet and phone.

He grabbed the keys hanging off the hook right next to the mirror, slung the backpack over his shoulder and opened the door.

“Keys. Wallet. Phone,” he said one last time as he closed and locked the door behind him.

Charlie looked around as he quickly walked towards his truck where it was parked behind his house. He started the vehicle and barely let it warm up before backing it down the driveway.

He thought for sure he’d made a clean getaway, but when he looked over his right shoulder to make sure no one was on the sidewalk, he made eye contact with Mr.

Pulaski who was rapidly waving his arm back and forth so hard he was splashing coffee over the side of his mug. There was no way to pretend he hadn’t seen him.

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